“Thank you thank you thank you for this weekend!”

"I laughed, I cried, and I learned a lot." 
[post event message]

Before reviewing the evaluation results, thanks to everyone who made this possible — our leadership team, beautiful volunteers, a relentless tech leader, and Club Motor Estates. Lastly, thank you Stancato’s for very well received food.

At our inaugural one-day event, we did some things really well, and we will learn. Written and verbal feedback has been insightful and brilliant. We are also using the video recordings to continually improve. Thank you.

God Showed Up — People Were Changed

[Note: 16 of our 20 attendees completed evaluations.]

  • 14 of 16 experienced some form of breakthrough — the other two already had at prior ministry events.
  • 15 of 16 wanted to learn about our prayer team.
  • 14 of 16 want to support our future efforts — one of the two expressed a desire to do so orally.

The Negative Comments:

  • It felt rushed
  • Cried on my camera haha
  • The one day events are pretty long. I was wanting to be done during the 2nd last session due to information overload. But that could just be me.
  • My butt hurts.

The Positive Comments:

  • Things were well thought out and planned and executed.
  • The topics and focus on improving an individual’s relationship with God.
  • Having specific, intentional time to reflect on and evaluate wounds.
  • You are an amazing public speaker and leader in faith and all things. It is an honor to know you.
  • No, it was good. I think that if this was totally me to me I’d want more time to pray and process, but that is hard in a 1 day event for just a review. I felt timing on everything was good. Not rushed.
  • Even though I’m familiar w/ all this [it] was nice to “officially” go through the whole thing. There were some new details that stood out and were helpful. Thanks! & Thanks for the prayers.
  • Everything from the atmosphere (greeter at the door, banners, delicious food, etc.) to the intimacy of the stories drew you in.
  • The atmosphere felt “lavish.” It was beautiful.
  • I appreciated NOT having an agenda. It let me disconnect from life to engage. Keep this (at least for one-day events).
  • Thank you! Saturday well spent. God’s timing is perfect.
  • The presentation was so meaningful. Learned so much.
  • The insight into areas I hadn’t reached in a long time.
  • I enjoyed all of the sessions & I especially enjoyed the opportunity (ies) between sessions to contemplate and answer follow-up or personal questions right after a topic/subject was covered.
  • The Truth & Honesty in the program.
  • I enjoyed the breaks given to journal, and how the messages were broken up. It gave me time to process all I heard, and to write out all of my thoughts was very valuable to me.
  • I never thought of a woman as the “crown” of creation – I found that to be very inspiring.
  • Movie clips to drive points home. Really sweet.
  • I will try to get this message to as many people as possible. [Many cited similar sentiments]
  • Everything – that may sound too crazy, but everything was enjoyable and powerful. (I am a sucker for movie clips).
  • Well done – Thank you for this wonderful day w/ my wife!!
  • Seeing the Lord at work. It was a blessing today seeing God work through my uncle and I’m excited to “reach millions.”
  • The food – just kidding. The day was wonderful.
  • Wow! From an outside perspective Joseph [has] an amazing heart for presenting. Real. From an insider family member, it’s so cool to see how God is moving and changing our hearts. I am done [hand drawn heart picture].
  • Being among good friends that I don’t get to see enough of and need to make more time for. And reflecting on good memories of mom & dad.

Look for Upcoming Events:

  • Our next One-Day Co-ed event at Club Motor Estates in January
  • Our upcoming Men’s Weekend
  • Our next Freedom Place meeting in Peninsula

Plus, we are co-leading an event for a church in January.

A Great Time to Give

December is a great time to donate and we are in the process of becoming a 501(c)3 so you donations will be tax deductible.

  • You can donate via our website or by clicking here, or
  • By mailing a check to I Am Done at 1565 Main Street, Peninsula, OH, 44264.

Based upon the evaluations and discussions since the event, much happened and God is moving. We will keep learning, we are praying for all who were there on the 2nd, and we are planning more events.