Our Hidden Chests

 It says that He came to bring good news to the afflicted, to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to captives, and offer freedom to prisoners.

As one journeys closer to God, in our case as the result of the work of I Am Done, I’ve observed that God cleans out our chests.  Each of us have things stored deeply in what one man and I titled our “chests”.  Think of the old ones seen in movies placed in rarely visited, spiderweb infested attics.  These chests do not include old fond family photos or relics.  They include things we’ve made foundational to our lives that we want no one else to see.  We keep them in our chests thinking if we leave them there, they will forever remain  hidden.

Do you think God has not already found them?

And He is kind.

This is not about being exposed, humiliated, and guilted into submission — It is the exact opposite.  God desires to empty these chests so we can be cleansed and walk aright, our feet standing firmly and freely on His solid rock.  He wants to heal our broken hearts, to set us free, for us to live in liberty.

Will you say, “Yes” to freedom?

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