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 Feedback From Awakened Hearts, Our 1-Day Co-ed Event

14 of 16 who completed an evaluation said they experienced a form of breakthrough. The other two already had, one at a prior I Am Done event, and the other via a similar ministry experience.

15 of 16 said they wanted to support our future events. The one missing was simply blank.

14 of 16 asked for information to join our prayer team.

Things were well thought out and planned and executed.

The topics and focus on improving an individual’s relationship with God.

Having specific, intentional time to reflect and evaluate wounds.

You are an amazing public speaker and leader in faith and all things. It is an honor to know you.

No, it was good. I think that if this was totally me, I’d want more time to pray and process, but that is hard in a 1-day event for just a review. I felt timing on everything was good. Not rushed.

Even though I’m familiar w/ all this [it] was nice to “officially” go through the whole thing. There were some new details that stood out and were helpful. Thanks! & Thanks for the prayers.

Everything from the atmosphere (greeter at the door, banners, delicious food, etc.) to how the intimacy of the stories drew you in.

The atmosphere felt “lavish.” It was beautiful.

I appreciated NOT having an agenda. It let me disconnect from life to engage. Keep this (at least for one-day events)

Thank you! Saturday well spent. God’s timing is perfect.

The presentation was so meaningful. Learned so much.

The insight into areas I hadn’t reached in a long time.

I enjoyed all of the sessions & I especially enjoyed the opportunity (ies) between sessions to contemplate and answer follow-up or personal questions right after a topic/subject was covered.

The Truth & Honesty in the program.

I enjoyed the breaks given to journal, and how the messages were broken up. It gave me time to process all I heard, and to write out all of my thoughts was very valuable to me.

I never thought of a woman as the “crown” of creation – I found that to be very inspiring.

Movie clips to drive points home. Really sweet.

I will try to get this message to as many people as possible. [Many cited similar sentiments]

Everything – that may sound too crazy, but everything was enjoyable and powerful. (I am a sucker for movie clips).

Well done – Thank you for this wonderful day w/ my wife!!

Seeing the Lord at work. It was a blessing today seeing God work through my uncle, and I’m excited to “reach millions.”

The food – just kidding. The day was wonderful.

Wow! From an outside perspective Joseph [has] an amazing heart for presenting. Real. From an insider family member, it’s so cool to see how God is moving and changing our hearts. I am done [hand drawn heart picture]

Being among good friends that I don’t get to see enough of and need to make more time for, and reflecting on good memories of mom & dad.

Feedback From a Men’s Weekend

100% of this who completed evaluations said they would recommend it to someone else.

Thank you for your work, your heart, your wisdom, your courage, your honesty. I showed up not expecting much besides practical, useful teaching to ADD to my inventory of knowledge and armor. I didn’t think much about a personal encounter with God. He showed up and met me in a way and place like He never has before. Thanks, guys, for opening and showing me the door.

I felt the personal testimonies were the strong points. [I want] to continue to try new things with my dad through prayer.

The openness and transparency was refreshing . . ..

The strengths were the people involved, their encouragement and stories inspired me. [Key messages] Too many to write down, they took up too many pages of my journal.

The duration and continuity between the days. The format Large group, Small group, Quiet Time & Fun Time. THE FOOD & LOCATION. [Key messages] Ask God questions. Wait for answers. Talk to other men about God and wounds. Fight for your beauty. Meaning of Hebrew HelpMeet. So much.

The mix of teaching, small group, & personal time was perfect. It was real. The food was awesome. The leaders were real. Personal testimony is powerful + on-my-level believable tool/method of teaching. I have a name, and God has a personal opinion of me.

The last day was the most useful to me. I heard God tell me that would be the most important to me. More specifically, A Beauty to Rescue. [Key messages] WOW. What 17 pages of notes in my notebook says.

LEADERSHIP / Inviting God in. [Key Messages] I am not a failure, A better way to communicate with my wife.

Feedback From a Co-ed Teen Weekend

I have learned that I am loved and I am God’s beautiful daughter.

This weekend meant that God is always with us and he loves us. This weekend told me that I matter to God and that he cares. THANK YOU!

This weekend has been tough, but in a good way. I am coming away with new knowledge about God and myself that I didn’t know. I have realized more and more how important God is and how I need to make him number one in my life. Thanks staff for all your effort and planning. You guys have sacrificed a lot. Thank you!

[Teen Weekend (*) — a weekend event we led on behalf of a church] has changed my life. I am so thankful for everyone here and especially all of the leaders. Everything I have learned here I will cherish forever. I will forever try to use everything that I have learned this weekend in my everyday life.

Through worship the Gospel rang true over and over again. It was a time of being reminded of all He’s done for me and what He means to me. God taught me so much through the sessions and I felt that the topics are so true and applicable to our lives. It was amazing to have so much time for reflecting, praying, and hearing God’s voice.

The small group I was in was perfect. I felt like I was heard and cared for, and like I could listen and care for others in my group. Also, the steak was awesome. [I learned] I am worth something. I am cared for by men and by God. God gives us whatever we think is too much.

Before coming to [Teen weekend], I was listening to so many lies about myself – That I was worthless, that I wasn’t good enough; that no one will ever love me. But now I have clearly identified those and with God’s help I now know He sees me as his beautiful child whose life has meaning and purpose and that I am worthy in Jesus’ eyes to go to the cross for me.

I’m taking a lot from this weekend. I now will try to listen and wait to hear from him. I realized this weekend times where God was trying to tell me something and I didn’t see it at the time. I realized how great God is truly. I realized my self-worth; to ignore my negative thoughts. I have examined the recent things going on in my life that I need to look over and change. I’ve grown this weekend in my faith.

I took away the meaning of value as a woman of faith. I came to terms with the lies I need to shatter and be able to move forward. I have realized the connections I have missed from my Creator and that I need to re-discover and pursue. THANK YOU.

Dear Staff, This weekend was great. I felt so connected with God. Thanks so much.

This weekend was amazing because God told me I was perfectly loved and though I am not perfect, I am in him because of Christ. God also told me I can change and grow every day and that he is calling me to a big adventure and he is captivated by me. Also, that my heart is so important and that I can shine through no matter what people think. Thank you!

This weekend was great and I want to say thank you to everyone here. This was a great weekend and I feel like I grew closer to God this weekend and I feel like I’m ready to go back to school and talk to more people and be more of a leader. Thank you for everything you guys did.

I just want to thank all you guys for making this a special time for me. I really enjoyed Joseph’s message. The message has really opened up some of my wounds that can be healed. I will always remember this [Teen Weekend].

This weekend was a time of great self-reflection through the lens of the Gospel. Many things that I never thought really mattered turned out to be the things holding me back. It won’t be easy to change, but it will be worth it. God is good.

God has shown me that I don’t need to be perfect to be loved. He chose me. Perfection doesn’t equal acceptance. God told me that I am enough.

This weekend has been a blast. I’m so glad I decided to come! I learned that God loves me so much… God told me I am made perfectly in his image. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this weekend to make it happen. God is so good. I’ve loved every minute of this retreat! Thank you!

I will stay close with God by letting him lead me in the life He wants me to live and stop hiding from things. I learned a lot about myself this weekend and learned that I am worth it and have the strength to get through my times. I learned hiding is not the thing to do. I learned that God can heal my wounds after time.

This weekend has been life changing and so comforting. Special thanks to everyone who made it possible. To God be all the glory for working in so many lives.

What I took away from this weekend is this: From now on, I will be KIND. Not just nice but kind and courageous which is cool since the name God gave me yesterday was Courageous. Also, I want to always be listening to God in everything I do.

This weekend meant a lot to me. I have learned a lot about God and it really touched my heart.

Thank you so much for this weekend. I have learned that I am not worthless. I am a beautiful warrior. That what people say doesn’t matter; only what God says.

Dear [Leaders], this weekend impacted me by really encouraging me in my walk with God. Thank you for putting this together and for being a place for us to be impacted by our sessions and small group time.

Dear [leadership] Family, I want to sincerely thank you for changing my life and heart. I truly feel like I am at home here and I LOVE EVERYONE HERE!

This weekend set me free from the bondage of living under the influence of what people thought of me. I am beloved. I am God’s child.

This weekend has meant a lot to me. It’s opened my eyes to some things. The music was great. The speaker was awesome. All the staff is fun and you can talk to all of them very well. This weekend was the best! I love all of you guys and hope to see you all again. [Ten Weekend] 2015!

  • I’m going to stay close to God by talking about him with others and teaching others of him. I loved my time here. I have so much fun and always grow closer to God when I’m here! I always make new friends and get to spend time with other people I don’t usually hang out with. I wanted to thank you guys for yet another AMAZING year at [Teen Weekend]! Stay awesome.

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