About Us

A primer on I Am Done

Why the name “I Am Done?” 

Because we are done with people not living fully alive.

What do we offer?

We lead and facilitate one- or multi-day events leveraging the work of John Eldredge and the Ransomed Heart Ministries. We host the events ourselves, and we lead and facilitate them on behalf of churches or organizations.

We invite people on a  JOURNEY rather than this simply offer an educational experience based upon a system of knowledge. It awakens attendees to their deep and true desires, their core identifies, and to their purpose and value.

We’ve been told that the journey is TRANSFORMATIONAL rather than just informational. Ever attend an event with lots of data but no real results? Maybe it is possible that this can result in real and sustainable change.

From testimonials and the observed behavior of people who have attended, you can say it is  PROVEN. Check out the Testimonials tab for what some have said after just leaving an event, and then others after having walked in the messaged for a number of years.

Plus we are EXPERIENCED: Our leaders have almost 60 years, our volunteers 10+ more, leading and facilitating this message.

Who should attend?

Any Teen [18+], Man or Woman who has a heart that has experienced life.

Who are we?

Our team includes Jeremy, a lion of an Operations Director; Wayne, an experienced and passionate Development Director; and Tom, a Media Director who is a gifted and innovative social media and web thinker. This is in addition to our volunteers and advisors.

I am Joseph Badger, our Founder, Executive Director, and primary speaker/facilitator. I’ve led hundreds through this message, about half through small groups, and the other half at events. My audiences have been men, women, and teens, and many initiatives have been multi-cultural. In addition to leading people through this message, I’ve been invited to speak at churches or organizations, I’ve led many other bible studies, I’ve taught Sunday school, and I’ve even conducted premarital counseling and then subsequently officiated at the weddings.

People matter. You matter!

That is one of my core beliefs and a key reason why I do what I do. I’ve experienced what this journey has done in my life and in the lives of the many I’ve been honored to invite on this road to freedom. Who am I? A man dedicated to bring freedom to millions, with courage, kindness, empathy, and skill.

As additional background . . .

. . . I’ve taught or led thousands through professional and other ministry studies, from sales training and product launches to bringing the Old Testament to life for fifth graders. Most recently I’ve been asked to officiate at weddings which enabled my wife and I to use this message to prepare couples for marriage.

Trained as an Economist, I’ve worked a combined 30 years in applied Econ, Consulting, Regulatory, Marketing, on Internet Product Launches, over HR, and as a Professional speaker. I’ve been blessed to teach adults, teens and middle-schoolers, to lead dear small groups, and to be a lay leader to help launch a beautiful multi-cultural church in Cleveland.

This all started by my attending a Family Life event where I committed to fight for marriages thereafter. That led to my discovering the work of Ransomed Heart and then working with men, women and most recently with teens.